JellyStone Park - Trip on a Tankful!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Wow - What a GREAT family trip we took last week! Daycare was closed - forcing vacation for our family since we have no relatives in town to take advantage of during said time...We ventured out on a new "trip on a tankful" ~ yes!! we got there AND back on one tank of gas!! ~ and headed east into Wisconsin a couple of hours...We visited the The Three Bears Resort - and older campground with a brand new Hotel/Lodge Resort, etc...

I cannot say enough about this trip! I'll let my slide show tell the story (mind you this is the dummed down version as I took 250 pics while we were there!) All had a GREAT time - ok, the husband was missing his flat screen tv and would have probably settled for a 13" black and white just to get in some Sports Center but I choose a cabin with no tv so he "suffered" through for the sake of the team (read: family here.)

The kids favorite parts of the entire vacation were the Train rides - the train just chugs around the resort from 9 am to 9 pm and you can hop on and off at little stops along the way, and the beach...oh how they loved that beach. They had waterslides for everyone-young and old, a lazy river, a white sand beach, playground equipment, outdoor cartoons and movies, paddleboats, karoke - you name it, they had it...all included in the price! I was amazed at the affordable vacation and the kids were beside themselves with happiness. Each night we sat outside by the campfire (Which Miss H. calls simply ~camping~ instead of a campfire!)

This was our first "vacation" we've taken (that doesn't involve sleeping on some relatives floor in North Dakota) since we were pregnant with H three years ago and went to Lake Tahoe and this was the most relaxed and happy I've felt in quite awhile - it was really nice to get away and enjoy ourselves for a little while and I cannot wait to go back!


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