She's her father's daughter...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Yep, she's her father's daughter alright -

We had an amazing successful potty weekend. Miss H. has been going on her own terms for like the last 6 months or so - some days completely accident free - other days she tells us "It's not working" and she just doesn't bother to go. We try to remind her every hour but don't push the issue with her as I don't want to end up going backwards - On Saturday she told us she had to go poop and she runs to the bathroom - telling me to leave as I followed her in there...She does her business, comes out and Daddy gives her a dollar. She is terribly excited about the money and asks for one for her brother - ah, how cute is that? "Buddy needs one too!" She carefully folds hers and gets it put into her piggy bank and proceeds to help him put his into his piggy bank...(She is then satisfied - the boy, not so much as he doesn't like when the money disappears (into the piggy) never to be seen again...hmmm that sounds like Daddy too!)
So, Sunday comes - same thing - she tells us she has to go poop - goes in and does her thing - comes back out and gets her dollar from Daddy. She's sitting on the couch watching "Fireman Sam" this God awful cartoon-type show she has come to really enjoy (since our firetruck visit I think!) and she's holding her dollar and looking at it and she looks over at Daddy and says, ever so matter of factly - "That was a lot of poopy - I need another dollar!"

I almost died laughing!! It was soooo hilarious! She's like her Daddy in the fact that she DOES enjoy her money! Me, I enjoy spending it but she sure enjoys saving it in her piggy. She tells us she's saving for a pink camera...I hope she's not mad if we take that money out and buy her a pink camera with it one day! I'm not sure she quite yet understands that money BUYS things even though she knows that Mommy and Daddy go to work to make money to buy food, toys, etc. For now she likes to hoard it, as she does with most everything else she gets her grubby little hands on...Little People, matchbox cars, crayons, and on and on and on...


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