National Night Out

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Well, last night was our annual National Night Out Party - the old - take back your neighborhood - get out there, share some pot luck and some good will towards men (and women and kids) in your neighborhood. We had fun, as we have every year for the past seven we've lived in our house, but I can't help but notice that every year the party gets smaller. Every year someone moves out of the neighborhood and someone new moves in. More and more the newbies are driving into their garages, shutting the door and THEN getting out and sneaking inside their homes. When we first moved to this neighborhood there must of been 20 or more houses participating in NNO - Last night as I was looking around - I couldn't help but notice that it was the same neighbors we know and love, and hang out with on a very very regular basis, with the exception of ONE couple and their daughter who stopped by to eat and chat. Everyone else we talk to at the mailbox, out on walks, or have get togethers with on a regular basis. None of the new people came out to say hi - not even people who were "new" last year. What gives? This is such a great opportunity to get out and say hi to your neighbors, get to know one another, be grateful for where you live! As I lie in bed last night I couldn't help but wonder when our good neighbor friends decide to pack up and leave the neighborhood...will we be right behind them?
I say it often, the good neighbors we have are the only reason we are still in this house seven years later. It really was intended to be our starter home - had we put more thought into being there longer than 3-5 years we would have had more criteria - like a front closet or maybe a 3rd garage stall! More and more people are moving away and the new ones that move in aren't really worth sticking around for! When I drive though our neighborhood I see more and more unkempt houses, unmowed lawns (including that jackass next to Andy and Jamie who had weeds over 5 feet tall in his front yard). I have to think if people came out and got to know their neighbors, perhaps they would take some pride in their homes and in our neighborhood...Maybe next year we'll have to expand the invite to be the whole Sunset Lake Subdivision in hopes that one more family would join us? It just takes one to make a difference right??Ok, enough complaining - we had a good time with our neighbor friends - The po po came, a fire truck came and a good time was had by all who dared to show up!

Lary and Jamie in the back of the squad...

Let's hope this isn't a picture of what's to come...Derek and Mason in the back of a squad pulling up outside of our house??

Derek and his sidekick Gary - or is it Gary and his sidekick Derek?


Rebecca said...

Great blog! Found you through your comment on my blog. I love the swimming-pool-become-trampoline post.

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