Russia's Grizzly Coast

Sunday, August 3, 2008

So as promised to the kids as a reward for H being/staying potty trained - we headed out to the zoo with the Museum Adventure Pass courtesy of Melsa again this past Saturday. While the highlight of the MN Zoo is typically the dolphin show, this time we had a fabulous NEW adventure! Russia's Grizzly Coast! The sea otters were certainly adorable, one even munching on a crab while he swam...and the wild boars were, well...I don't know, wild boars.

But the Brown Bears...Oh My! We were able to watch them from just inches away - one was looking for some fish to eat in the water while the other two were busy wrestling/playing with each other. They played in the water, raced around on land...hung from the was soo soo cool and for once, the animals were worth a trip to the zoo! I do wish we could have stayed and watched them longer but had to scurry along to get it all in and take in the dolphin show! We will for sure be getting back out there before these bears move on...What fun!
Smiles all around leaving the zoo!

Nothing like a blue tongue from the $4.00 slushies!!


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