Say Click Take A Pic (part 2)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I am. THAT MOM. You know the one. The mom that buys her kid a ridiculously expensive toy/present when they are most likely just as content with a cardboard box or wooden spoon? So one of H's favorite things to do is snap pictures with my camera. She's a little shutterbug and simply LOVES to take pictures..."Here's Daddy's arm!" She'll yell in excitement as if she just snapped a picture of one of the seven wonders of the world! "Mommy look!! Your leg!" She is always so so careful with our camera and it's been good bribery with the potty training we recently completed. We told her that we would get her a camera of her very own if she put all of her pees and poops in the toilet and didn't use any more diapers. And to that she would always add "yes, a pink one!"

Well, after a week of being accident free - we decided it was time to own up to that promise and take little Miss H. to get that pink camera she's been coveting. (Pink was her idea obviously.)

So...we get to Target and I grab the $20.00 (pink) camera I was sure we were going to get for her - only when I look at it - I see that not only do we not have the requirements on our 6 year old computer to upload the pictures that our little girl will be taking...but that there is no LCD screen for her to view her subjects/photos! Well, without the view finder thingy you can forget this being a good gift. She LOVES the viewing screen! Now, at age 2 years and 10 months I highly doubt we'll be uploading any many of her pictures but maybe - maybe she's a budding photographer and will have some amazing cool shots that we'll want to start putting in albums for her...

So..on to the next camera...a $50.00 TOY CAMERA that you CAN upload pictures on our computer and DOES have the viewing screen...only it gets terrible reviews...and looks like junk...the next one - an $80.00 toy/camera that is along the same lines...
So...We tell her we have to keep looking and we go home to hash out the options...spend $50-$80.00 on a piece of junk that may or may not get used...or spend $84.00 on a REAL pink digital camera that can not only upload to our computer but we know will work, get used, etc.

We sure have painted ourselves into a corner here...She's been asking about that camera for days now - and she certainly has earned it...
I just cannot believe that we have become the parents that would spend such an enormous amount of money on such an extravagant gift for our not quite 3 year old child!

But...when you think about it...and try and rationalize $84.00 camera is only a few boxes of diapers...and since we aren't purchasing those for her use anymore...I suppose it's ok that we get her such a fancy big gift?? One that she is sure to love and we'll make darn sure she takes great care of??


Amelia Sprout said...

I think you made a great choice. My friend's five yearold has a similar one to the Kodak and she takes great care of it. She also takes some pretty fun photos. Things only a kid could see.

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