Family Date Night...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coming back from over the river and through the woods we made a stop at one of our new favorite summer haunts...the Hastings Car Show - for the final time this year...

Saw some cool old cars...

Including DOC in Disney's Pixar CARS! Waay Cool!

And a Gangster Limo...also waaay cool -

But the best part of the night...(as it always is at the Hastings car show...)
THE KIDDIE CONES~I kid you not - THOSE are the kiddie cones! I think the ice cream guy overcompensates for the long lines...or tries to...with the giant cones!

*the same day we had dippin' dots at Aunties I might add! EEK *

D was glued to his cone ~ and not giving it up for nothin' - (we had wanted to , um, clean up the sides to eliminate some spillage)

H humored us and traded hers for a couple of licks of "ours" (the man and I share one which means he eats it and I get a few tastes here and there)

But then...we all had a lick of Miss H's cone...and there was No. Going. Back! We were all quarreling over that one ice cream cone...


It. was. BIRTHDAY. CAKE. Flavored. Ice. Cream!
WOW! A last minute choice, in the dark, after waiting 15 minutes in the line, and being disappointed that they didn't have the Root Beer ice cream we had the LAST time...and now...where oh where can we get that stuff again?? I don't even LIKE ice cream all that's something I can live without...but that...that. was. amazing.


Kate said...

That is a LOT of ice cream!! :)

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