Monday, September 29, 2008

Well, we decided that this past weekend was as good a time as any to take the kids to their first Minnesota Twins Game - We had complimentary tickets courtesy of a local radio station (the one that sold me the gift certificate for the company going out of business) Why not take them to the final, most important game of the year right??
Yes, we are a little nutty - but I think they had fun...

Though you'd never know it as this was Dmann in the third inning...seriously - this kid DOES NOT SLEEP at home...no wonder - he's soo busy snoozing out on the town that he just isn't tired when we are at home!

Waiting at the light rail station was pretty fun too -

And we snuck out of the game a little early so we could get a seat for the ride home - man, was that thing PACKED heading into the game! Standing up, on the train, holding a 25 pound kid and diaper bag, all the while trying to make sure you don't get knocked over and/or pick pocketed while smashed into a light rail car like a can of sardines - now THAT, is a good time!

While it's true we all had a decent time (I say that because I know Daddy probably has more fun going with his buds drinking $7 beers than trying to keep us all in check!) I totally can't wait for the outdoor stadium ~ that is going to be totally cool!


Unknown said...

Save the ticket stubs!!! :-)

Ev's first game was Padres v. Cubs when he was 4 mos. old. He was quite the hit in his Cubs gear...

On Saturday, we're lucky enough to have tix to the Cubs v. Dodgers playoff game! GO CUBS!

Amelia Sprout said...

Have you checked out the construction yet? There is a great view from the skyway behind Target Center.

Kim said...

We just took the boys to their first ever Wild game. Preseason, but that was the best time to go, as we didn't feel bad about leaving after the second period.

I have such great memories from Twins games as a kid and can't wait to create some of our own memories with the boys.

Kate said...

Luke was cheated out of his first game by Ike. :( It looks like you had a great time!!

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