Another Trip on a Tankful...RIP Three Bears Resort

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We took off on another "trip on a tankful" last weekend to The Three Bears Resort..the place we had sooo very much fun this past June. Just getting the reservation was a hassle - I thought I had scored big by purchasing a "half off deal" from KS95 which got me a gift certificate for this joint valued at near $900.00 for just $144.00 -
SCORE right?
Too bad a week after buying the gift certificate I heard that this place was in bankruptcy and would be closing the end of September if a buyer is not found...for a rumored asking price of $500 million dollars!
So...we had to "hurry up" and use the certificate just in case they do shut down, or in case a new owner wouldn't honor the certificate...And guess what...the DAY AFTER WE CAME HOME - this place shut their doors, sent all of their employees home UNPAID, and cancelled hundreds of peoples' reservations! Aholes!

Anyway - about our trip...we headed off to Warrens Wisconsin with a car full of crap to enjoy the weekend...the morning was beautiful here in the Twin Cities, sunny and warm...and as we headed further away from home and closer to our weekend get-a-way...the clouds started moving in and the rains came. And stayed...until Sunday night.
So...there was no outdoor mini Choo Choo rides ~ (though a person can blame most of that on the bankruptcy/ownership not the weather)

A little rain wasn't getting between my man and his mini-grill

The only thing available to us was the beautiful cabin we had rented, visiting with Auntie Chris and Madison and her friend Kaylee, and the indoor water park.
That's really all a person needs to have fun - but ages not quite 3 and not quite 2 - our kids didn't really care for the mess that was the indoor water park. H asked me several times "Why the pool has to be inside?" We think they were pretty overwhelmed...when you open the door to the water park - you get blasted by warm, chlorine scented air and loud loud chaos of people in all shapes and sizes having fun (or not) ...
The kids splashed around a tiny bit in the kiddie part of the water park

- but mostly preferred the hot tub. They didn't even want to do the kiddie waterslides this time...a part they loved last time! (on the outdoor waterpark!)

Seriously? We can't go to the beach?

A view of the girls taken from the "loft" that housed four "little beds" as H called them - really twin also had a bathroom and a tv up there!

All in all - it was good to get away - but having been there just three months ago and having a ton of fun from sun up to sun down and was a little bit of a buzzkill.

SAY CHEESE! Hard to believe our kids are under the 5th percentile for weight when they eat easy cheese right out of the can...

So excited to finally get on the train!




A family photo right before we left...

Chris and the girls -

Rest in Peace Three Bears Resort - I do so hope you'll open with a much better owner in the near future ~


ali said...

damn them! at least you got the trip in....even though it wasn't great. you got some great pics! those kids are too cute. can't wait til friday!!

Kate said...

I LOVE e-z cheese from a can!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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