Happy Birthday

Friday, November 7, 2008

to me...Happy birthday to me...Happy Biiiirthday Dear Me.
Happy Biiirthday to me.
Yep...today was my birthday...woke up to a nice blanket of snow...nice, depending on who you ask...certainly not me. I think if you asked our kids...they would say nice ~
By 7:30 am the kids had us up and out the door to test out the heavy wet white stuff...We were lucky to get hats, mittens, and boots on them - notice D is wearing his jams?

Sorry to report that this is exciting as the day got...Daddy took the day off from work to spend it with us...that was a gift in and of itself...and then...the best part - I got to spend the day in and out of consciousness taking naps and watching tv while the family stayed busy with other stuff...PRICELESS gift in this sleep-deprived mother's world.
~ nothing terribly exciting in the birthday celebration department...but we are going to WICKED next week and we DID go to dinner the night before my birthday at a fancy Italian Restaurant where I was able to enjoy a nice steak and a glass of wine - the family was so well behaved!! H was convinced that Ratatoulle was there somewhere making her noodles - once she heard the background music she was like..."Um, is this Ratatoulle's Place? Is he here??"
Too cute!!
Yep...It's not too often one's birthday falls on a Friday - and I'm so glad my hubs helped me celebrate it exactly as I wanted to this year!!


Martin said...

WHAT is with the snow?

where'd Autumn go?

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