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Monday, November 10, 2008

Seems like forever ago we brought home a seven week old labrador puppy from a BREEDER Puppy Mill just north of the Cities...

Oh how cute he was is!!

Just three weeks after bringing him home...the little pup stumbled out of his kennel only to topple over...we knew right away something was wrong...terribly wrong...and we were right. By morning he couldn't even pick himself up...his barker was broken - he'd try - only nothing would come out! A silent bark...his legs didn't work...just a wagging tail and nothing else.

They told us he wouldn't walk again...that he most likely couldn't/wouldn't live...

After several weeks of multiple doctors, multiple tests, xrays, prescriptions and tears , not to mention money...later...we returned to the U of M to have him put to sleep rest.

These pics are actually of us at the U ~ in between tears...We were ready - then we weren't - we were ready - then we weren't. I was going to hold him while they did it, then I couldn't - finally - we said screw it - we'll be back on Monday to do it then...what's one more weekend carrying him around everywhere and holding him up while he tries to potty (in January in Minnesota)
..."Come back next week - we'll do an autopsy and try and figure this out"

"GREAT... "

Today - Boscarelli turns 6. As in six. years. old.
He thinks he's six months old and you'd never know by looking at him that he spent a few weeks being carried around since nothing worked but his happy little tail...Luckily for him his Dad was money bags back then and forked over enough to feed a small country for centuries to keep this dog alive... Somehow... someway... he regained himself. First it was a wobbly stance behind the chair - "it's the prednisone - it won't last" the vet said - but it was enough for us...a few wobbly stances...a few wobbly steps...

And here we are...
We do love you Bosco - most of the time!!

He sure loved his first day at the dog park! Just two months after being at the U ~

And he loves himself some bathin' too!

He still thinks he's a lap dog - even at 100 pounds!

Clearly not the most flattering pic of him...but how we find him often...more often than not! Upside down asleep somewhere a human could be sitting!


Anonymous said...

What a sweetie pie!!

T said...

Ohhhh my gosh! You had me on the verge of tears, then you got to the happy part. Wow. I'm so happy for you. My dog is my "first child". I couldn't even imagine. Go Bosco!!!!

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