Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

As has become our tradition, we spent the day with our good friends here in *town* (who are also from *home* but don't travel back there as much anymore). It's so nice to not have to travel very far to celebrate the holiday - though I can't help but reminisce and miss the good old days when we DID travel home. Hurrying *home* to get there and go out to see everyone else who was also home...there was nothing like it... But back to reality, work, time off, kids, money, etc etc...We had a great time with our friends as we always do - The food was fantastic and the company even better. We don't stay as late anymore with the two little ones and Bmann at home wondering where on earth HIS Thanksgiving meal is...but we did get as much fun in as we could... while we didn't stay for board games this year...Mario Kart was a huge hit.


H had to help Daddy play a little Mario Kart...
And Ryan helped Shoe play...or be able to keep on playin'??
She was really into her game!!

H learning the ropes from the gal that for THREE games thought she was the OTHER car!!

She finally got a chance to drive solo!

A quick lesson from Auntie Shoe...The Mario Kart master ~

Shoe showing D. the ropes on Mario Kart!

Hurray! This gamin' really IS fun - no wonder Daddy loves it!!

Monty tried really hard to convince someone he should play!! (I LOVE this picture!!)

Monty still wondering why he can't play...

H thought Uncle Ry was better suited to play with the kids than the video game! I don't think he minded!!

But Monty on the other hand...was a little bummed out...or bored...

E's first Thanksgiving!!
E was just chillin' with his little arm around Xander!!

E and Xander -

D showin' E the ropes....

Then he decided to show off his cool McQueen socks - anything and everything McQueen for our little boy - he loves himself some McQueen!

And the "sucker" at the end of the night was the best part of all! At least in H's eyes!! Thanks Alicia!

Yep, it was a GREAT Thanksgiving. We have many good friends to be thankful for...and many many other reasons too! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


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