Let the Countdown Begin!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So we don't exactly go out and chop down our own Christmas tree every year - but we do go in search of the perfect *real* Christmas tree to grace our home for one month each year ~
This year was no exception...After making a stop at the usual tree hunting store lot we wandered down the road to a mom and pop shop located on a grocery store parking lot...

What a find!! The prices were reasonable and the assistance was top notch!

Which was nice since SOMEONE conked out before he could help us find the perfect tree!!

Daddy and I (and H) had to take turns outside the truck looking at the trees...We managed to find a good one in record time (brrrr it was cold out there!!)
Miss H. even got a complimentary coloring book!!

D missed out on that part as the nice man didn't realize there were two little people involved in this tree finding ceremony...but how cool is it to wake up and have your Christmas tree all ready to go for you?? I wish that would happen in MY world!! he he he

So far the kids haven't cared much about the tree - They were playing in their rooms when we got the tree up and in the stand - H came out - looked at it and said only "Oh my Gosh!" before returning to her barbies...Little Brother - well, he came out, looked at it and said - "Don't touch it" while shaking his head no - so we at least know he knows that much!!

He was a big helper in putting the lights on...I mean come on - any excuse to climb on the arms of the couch and not get into trouble right??

So far, we've only managed to get lights put on it...but by Christmastime I hope to have it covered with ornaments and other random Christmas stuff...

I LOVE me some Christmas!! There is NOTHING like the smell of fresh cut Christmas Tree...It's filling up the house and I just love love love it!!


Kate said...

That is a really good looking tree!!

Marissa said...

great looking tree you found!!

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