Not so Little Boy

Saturday, December 6, 2008

So last week I decided to take the boy in for a little haircut...a trim (actually) if you will ~ I've been told more than a few times that he was in need of one. Personally, I like his hair a little longer and unruly - I love his little curls on the back of his head. Sure, he looks a little rough and tumble sometimes - but he is. He's a little boy. A little boy who is turning two in a couple of weeks!!

Oh boy oh boy!!

Anyway- there appears to have been a language barrier between me and the haircut gal...because a little trim it was NOT! It was our first hair cut with the clippers - and D was a trooper - he couldn't of cared less - I on the other hand...was not least not at first...but it's grown on me and I do love it now...

This same little boy about a month ago decided that he was ready to use the potty!! WHAT!?! I thought I had another year before we even thought about tackling that!! Aren't boys supposed to be slower to take to the potty than girls?? Turns out he wants to be like the big off he goes to the potty more times than not!! Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining...getting rid of diapers that much sooner will be heavenly...

and speaking of diapers...for some reason the hubs thought this was photo - worthy...When I asked him WHY he felt the need to take a picture of my handy work - he informed me he thought it warranted a guest blog post on the Gust Gab from him. I have yet to see that happen - but since he went to the trouble to snap a's the scoop - Ya see - I had picked up a pack of "the other diapers" because they were marked down on clearance...and see what happens when you do that?? Since the boy doesn't sit still for diaper changes - he was wiggling, I was wrestling him trying to get it on, and low and behold, the tab rips off!! Well, within arms reach was my packing tape as I had been packing up surprises for my sweet what's a mom to do? Let her little boy take off as naked as the day he was born while she goes in search of a new diaper? Or improvise?? I improvised - And then...since my hubs was home from work for a few short minutes before heading out to meet some buddies and decided to toss the kids around...

he happened to view my top secret handi-work peeking out of the top of the little man's pants...and promptly got the camera out as I was getting the bath water ready for the kiddos!!

{PS ~ I would give this big potty news it's very own post as I did with his sister when she became a panty princess - however, based on the sheer number of blog hits the Gust Gab gets by people searching for "panty princess" who then land on our little girl sportin' her new My Little Pony panties - I didn't think I should give D his own undies post...Hello? Can you say ~ Pedophiles!! SICK!} But here he is sportin' some of the Elmo variety...Lightning McQueen are his favs...then Spiderman, then the Elmos - but if he has his way - he wears several pairs at once!


Kate said...

Ha! That is classic! Nice work. :)

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