Ice Fishing Benefit...

Monday, January 19, 2009

So the reason that the hubs wasn't able to join us at Sesame Street Live was because there was an ice fishing benefit going on for his friend Monica who is currently losing her battle with cancer ~ Having never been ice fishing before - I wasn't so sure how it was going to for them...but they appeared to have some great fun! Five guys, three hours on the water - And all they caught was a buzz!! Not one fish...Success? It was if you ask them!

Al and I and the kids braved the elements after braving the whole Sesame Street thing and joined them for a bit...

The boys kept H entertained - as they always do!

Micah and H making snow piles on the lake ~

These guys are sooo great with our kids...the uncles they didn't get from me and the hubs biologically! I cannot WAIT until these *uncles* have their own babies!!

Cookie entertaining the little (very very overtired and cold) little Diva!


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