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Sunday, January 18, 2009

This weekend we had the priveledge of going to see Sesame Street Live - Elmo's Green Thumb courtesy of our friends Kirby and Lisa...(THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!)

They gave us six tickets and due to scheduling conflicts with a benefit very near and dear to the hubs heart, he couldn't join us - It was Moms day out with the kidlets...three moms, four kids...seems reasonable doesn't it?

Add in some Minnesota weather and the convenience of downtown and you have yourself a three ring circus!! Ok, the other girls did great it was me that was frazzled...

All in all we got downtown ok and enjoyed a super cute, super great show - no one peed their pants (though I did have to race to the bathroom with the 2 year old mid show to get there in time) and I should still be able to pay the mortgage next month even after purchasing snacks at the Target Center...

Thanks again Kirby and Lisa...we all had a great time!

(Pardon my video quality - I was a bit busy passing out $4.00 snow cones and $4.00 pretzel and worrying about anyone having to go potty to pay much attention to least I tried right??)

I think it's safe to say Ev enjoyed his first light rail ride -

Of course, when you have someone's beanie to play with while hanging over your seat - who wouldn't??

I loved that after we got to our seats - P made himself right at home, kickin' off his boots...I so love me some little kid footies!!

D loved him some Sesame Street Snow Cone

H & P hammin' it up on the ride home ~

We made Al pretend all four kids were hers and tell us how it went...consensus? We'll stick to the numbers we all currently have thanks...

All in all, a fun morning for all least I think so!


Kate said...

It looks like they had a blast!

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