Party Like it's your Birthday...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's your birthday - have a party - it's your birthday - have a party - Party like it's your birthday!

While we don't have any family in town to help us celebrate the big events - we do have some pretty awesome friends and neighbors to do just that ~ D's second birthday was no exception...We were once again surrounded by our friends and neighbors to celebrate this little blessing we call Big D.

I did NOT attempt to make the cake this year...Last year...the perfectionist in me had had enough...but maybe next year I'll try again - It's hard enough to separate birthday and to try to make a perfect I said - maybe next year!!

I don't think D cared as his little tongue was pretty excited when I put the cake on his lap...

The Birthday Boy!!

There were sooo very many presents...clothes, cash and gifts...
There were Monster Trucks...

And hockey sets...

Fire Trucks

And Little People Construction Trucks

Baseball Gloves

And Uncle Denny!!

And COOKIE! Oh Thank you Cookie for giving not just one kid piggy back rides but TWO - AT THE SAME TIME! They ask every day when Daddy will do that for them like you did!

We really are blessed with our two healthy children and blessed with this life we have been busy making for ourselves here in the Twin Cities - I often find myself wishing for a smaller town life or a house that better fits our needs ~ but when it boils down to it - Our needs are all met and then some.

To all of you who helped to make our little man's birthday a very very special one - Thank you thank you thank you. We love you all so very much.


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