Saturday, January 3, 2009

Change isn't always easy. In fact, it's downright hard sometimes. Some people can't. Some people won't. Some people just don't know how...I thought last weekend's change would be hardest on me - moving the little boy from the crib to the big boy bed. By 18 months his big sister was sleeping in her very own twin bed - oh how she loved that brand new bed and those brand new Dora sheets. Made it a nice transistion for little brother to take over the crib - I thought it was me resisting the change this time...holding fast to the crib that somehow signified I had a baby in the house. He's hardly a baby anymore and well shoot, can't hardly have a potty trained two year old sleeping in a crib now can you?
I never even (got to/had to?) experience him crawling out of it or even trying to - he just never did that...but he also wasn't ready to give it up either. Daddy and I took the crib apart and moved it downstairs last weekend - it's not completely gone out of the house just yet...but disassembled and out of commission (for now? forever?)

It was hard to bring a big boy bed up into his room - I had the dresser, shelves and pretty cool wall art done just so - lamp positioned just right...putting a bed in this room just didn't fit into the plan - since the home builders don't think before they put in the heating/cooling registers and the one lonely window - it's hard to place furniture and 1 million toys in these tiny little rooms while letting in what little natural sunlight we see here and still heating/cooling the room - true, they are much bigger than what the hubs and I grew up in...but still...still hard to figure out...
D was NOT having it...following us the whole way, holding on to pieces of the crib...poor little guy - crying out - "Why? Why? Why?" We kept telling him that he wasn't being moved OUT of the house, just into a big boy bed...complete with Lightning McQueen sheets...
He diddn't seem to care - he was very upset over the whole situation...Thankfully - I can report that several days later - he has happily slept in his own bed and not gotten out or fallen out once...(yet!)


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