The Rachel Ray Show

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did you all have a chance to see Matt on The Rachel Ray Show yesterday?

Maddy is a natural in front of the camera! Just look at her eating up that applause!
It was so great to see them on TV! With guest appearances by our very own creepy Rachel and creepy Teal no less!!

The hubs and I have been talking a lot about life and death lately and I made the comment to the hubs how Matt is just so *normal* - just a regular guy like my own husband is - and he made the comment back that no, Matt is NOT a regular guy - because it takes someone very special to handle what's been handed to him...and the way he IS handling it no doubt!

He's right. I've thought about that quite a bit over these last 10 months - How would my own hubs do???
Matt has been nothing short of amazing...and now - with the Liz Logelin Foundation - He has the ability to help others who otherwise might not have any help.


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