Thursday, February 12, 2009

I call this photo TEAMWORK.

What on earth is it you ask? Well, it's D inspecting one foot, H inspecting HIS other foot...or more between his toes!!

You see, the big sister in our house has this thing about socks...much like her mom, she prefers not to wear them...As soon as she can...(mostly in the car before getting home even when it's 47 below zero outside...) she'll take off her shoes and then socks...and inspect between each of her toes...Thankfully she's still clean enough of a kid that all she finds in there are the random cotton fluffs that come from her socks...
She has since started doing this for her little brother - off come his socks...and then follows the "what's in between your toes today?" inspection...Again, thankfully nothing thus far besides a few random pieces of cotton - ask me again come summer and that might be a different story...

So far he doesn't seem to mind...though I have no clue how long that will last... besides, it might be gross when they are older...but right now...with their sparkling clean (wintertime) toddler's awfully darn cute! Yet one more thing I love about having kids just over 14 months apart. They really are best friends. I so hope it stays that way for the majority of their lives!!

(and yes, I do feel lucky to capture some of this on film so that later in life...just in case...I can say - see how much you loved each other??) Aren't you glad I chose to share this with all of you?


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