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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is that the motto for the 'giant rat place?' I'm not even sure...

Regardless - we went to the infamous Chuck E. Cheese on Sunday for the neighbor boys' 4th and 2nd birthday parties...Our kids were very well behaved and had a blast...they were probably just tired since it was a Sunday morning party!

Mason ~ the elder of the Birthday brothers with Isabelle another neighbor girl who just turned 5

Hudson - the 2 year old Birthday Guest of Honor

D enjoying some cowboy time ~

Hails LOVES her some Chuck E. Cheese!

D was too busy with the plastic version to care about the 'real thing'

All in all - a fun way to spend a Sunday morning...And probably something we won't ever do ourselves for our birthdays so was even MORE nice to be invited! Thanks guys!


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