Sunday, April 12, 2009

So not that anyone in this house eats eggs besides myself (occassionally) it was still important to me that the eggs at least be edible...I'm no cook and I don't claim to be - I can boil water but I could not boil eggs...that is...until now!
Thanks Danielle & Jess! I have NEVER in my LIFE boiled eggs that I could just slide the shell right off! WOOT!

So after the awesome free Easter Egg Hunt we decided to come home and have our own Easter Egg fun...We did it last year...and we thought we'd do it again...

Oh the kids were sooo excited to get going on the egg coloring ~

He tasted not just a pretty red one ~

But decided to lick an orange one as well ~

I love this picture ~ They really are best friends ~ This picture speaks a thousand words.

He wasn't all that impressed ~ though the 'stashe is nice huh? Last year he wore a green 'stache during the coloring festivities!

Viola! Finished Products!!

And little photogs took many many pictures of their work! Like mother like daughter...and son! I think we'd better get them their own blogs!!


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