Egg Hunt Fun!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ah...Easter...And what a difference a year makes! Remember last year??
This year was much much terms of weather that is! There was no snow on the ground ~ which then of course, didn't make the eggs NEARLY as pretty as they were last year with the fresh blanket of white to lie upon! And with the beautimus weather - out came all of the line budging no manners can't wait your turn for anything push you out of the way don't give a shit if they step on your 2 year olds toes or knock your three year old over all to get a plastic egg worth one freakin penny people even more randoms to join in the FREE fun...

(this here is an actual LINE of people standing along the yellow caution tape - thank God we were towards the front! See how far back it goes - dang near to that house blocks away!! ugh - I'm so not good with lines!)

We got a late start ~ you know me ~ I like to be places RIGHT when they get going...normally, that's not a problem for our early rising children. This year however, Hails had decided she just COULD NOT go to sleep any earlier than 11:30 pm on Friday night...She was soo very excited about everything and was enjoying playing with her new Polly Pocket from the daycare Easter party the day before. In fact, not only did she stay up until 11:30 playing with that Polly - She also woke up at 5:45 demanding to know where it was so she could again begin playing!
I insisted she lie back down but she could hold ONE polly while doing so...and finally, she fell back to asleep - until about 9:45!

So...we didn't get in on much of the free fun at the Easter Egg Festival in Bloomington ~ the lines were long. VERY. LONG. We didn't really feel like waiting an hour for face painting, or for a balloon animal...So we spun the big wheel for a couple of rubber ducky prizes, we did a quick craft with the plastic eggs ~

and posed for a picture with the Easter Bunny. A much less scary bunny than last year I might add! What a difference a year makes - D really enjoyed the bunny this year - big sister ~ not-so-much. She was pretty unimpressed. In fact, see here?

This is the shot of our two kids together with the bunny that the hubs took. H was already OFF of his lap and heading to the safety of the Daddy's arms before the shot was taken - but D - he didn't care this year! (You can see his little arm behind Hails as he's hanging out with the bunny) Not like last year - oh how he did NOT like that bunny last year!

It was then off to the soccer fields for the wild egg hunt. I'm not sure I'll ever understand the thrill of racing to collect tiny plastic eggs filled with dirty jelly beans...but apparently it's almost life and death for some folks. Our kids enjoyed themselves and collected 6 eggs and 5 eggs respectively.

And this year...this year we won big. We not only got 11 eggs combined, but D got a 'special' egg. One of 200 specially marked eggs that you can redeem for a prize! Ohhhhh, the excitement! After attending this event for 4 years we finally got one of the coveted eggs (there are supposedly 8000 eggs on these soccer fields).
And the prize was a beautiful purple dinosaur stuffed animal. Great! Bosco will loooove it! Talk about EXCITEMENT!

It really was fun...but next year, I think we'll do our own back yard egg hunt with our friends...(weather permitting of course!)

Happy Easter!


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