Mission Completed ~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's no secret that I have a lot of irons in the fire...drives my husband crazy all the projects I have going ~ all the ideas that I have at any given time. Sometimes I execute them, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I start them and then leave them unfinished...chipping away a teeny tiny bit at a time.

It's taken me a long long time but finally, tonight...my first book is off to the printers! HURRAY! A book you say? Why yes! A book! Check out the badge to the right ~ I used blurb.com to have this blog (well, the first 13 months of this blog, AKA Volume I) turned into a bound hard cover book. I love to take pictures and take upwards of 500+ per month - I have been really trying to keep up with this blog and document the more important/more fun days we have with the kids since I don't take the time to scrapbook anymore and rarely if ever seem to print off any of the pics I do take and even get them into albums...

My friend Emilie turned me on to blurb.com as she used it to turn her blog into a book for her young sons before she passed away ~ I thought of Emilie each night as I worked on my own book...
I ended up doing MORE than just my blog from 2007-2008 ~ I added in pages of pictures here and there that never made it to the blog. It was pretty darn easy though time consuming ~ I know the hubs is thrilled that I am finished (for now!)

I have ordered two hard cover copies of this book so far ~ one for each of our kids as a way to make up for the lack of baby booking and photo albuming I have done. This is way better anyway right?

I still have the hand written journals that we are doing for the kids where several times a week/month, etc we write notes to the kids about the funny, naughty, happy, sad, silly things they may have done or said that day - but I hope that one day they will be able to thumb through their blurb books and know just how much their Daddy and I loved them!


dadshouse said...

What a great idea to turn a blog into a book! I have a friend who does photography, and he used blurb to make a book. It came out great.

Andrea and Andy said...

What a great keepsake for the kids to have!

Janiece said...

What a wonderful idea!!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing!

I've been doing something a little similar. I've just started making some webpages on squidoo about some of my adventures and experiences with my kids. My son and I have a fieldtrip to go canoeing later this week. Maybe I'll take the camera along so I can record it! Hope the camera doesn't fall in the river though!!

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