Steve Irwin - the Legacy Lives - Part IV?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

So yeah...remember my husband the snake wrangler?? Keeping the legacy of Steve Irwin alive? Well, he's at it again...We had a GREAT productive weekend doing some spring clean up yard work, the weather finally cooperated with us, not only was there no fresh snowfall, the sun was actually shining!! I spend a good amount of time raking out, yanking out, weeding out our overgrown lilac hedges, among other yard projects ... (anyone want any lilacs for your own yards?? ~ We have tons!!)

The hubs was busy doing the 'man stuff' in the garage, cleaning out, organizing, etc etc...and then he was 'missing' for a bit...turns out - he was up near our shed - where incidentally, I had just transplanted a burning bush that the rabbits have all but killed off...and up near the shed - was the hubs...and not one - but two snakes...

ALREADY? You have got to be kidding me!! I cannot stand those things - AT ALL! They. freak. me. out!! They sure aren't tiny - look how long this thing is...this early in the season? We are sure to be in for a long snake season! (Pun intended!)

The kids tell me that 'snakes are nice' and 'don't be scared' but they just give me the willies!! When I was talking about snakes with Hails she said to me - 'Maybe you should just sit on Daddy's lap so you won't be scared! Did you ever try that Mom?" oh it was sooo cute I could just eat her up!! No, I didn't try sitting on Daddy's lap...Mostly I just run and scream while Daddy tries to rid our yard of the creepy crawlies!!

I LOOOVE how D is all crouched down looking at the thing hanging off the shovel!!


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