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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So even though I work right in a major metropolitan area...right next to a freeway - I still am lucky enough to have my very own wild life preserve right outside my office window! (and yes, trust me, I do know how lucky I am to have an office window like this!) The view isn't much in the wintertime or right now this early in the spring time for that matter - but give it a month...and the fenceline will be all lush and green, hiding the noisy, busy freeway, the grass will be green...and our varmits will be back...
Our regular visitors include bunnies of all shapes and sizes, birds of all varieties as well, including cardinals, blue jays, chic a dees and finches, wild turkeys, occassional deer and once we even had a nasty old minx in our midst...

Today...I came to work to find this guy ~ FAST ASLEEP in my barely hanging on bird feeder! Yep, our friend the squirrel is back for the season...(He doesn't come around much in the winter months like the others do.) I know the picture quality is poor but they were taken on my celly, through glass, and the sun is actually shining for once...but you get the idea.

After taking a snoozer he took off for the day - but returned to see if I had any treats for him.

He really doesn't care that I sit less than two feet away from him while he goes about his day. In fact, I think he might actually be trying to get my attention to bring more seed & peanuts out there!


Amelia Sprout said...

That is awesome. A's office was on the edge of some protected area in Eden Prairie and they had a deer that came up to their window a few times.

However, I think the sleeping squirrel beats that.

Kate said...

That is so cute!!! They are such naughty little things.

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