Gettin' The Boot!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The hubs & I got THE BOOT for our anniversary dinner - a couple of days late...but weeeeeelllllll worth the wait...and the five plus hour drive (one way!) If you've never eaten at the Bronze Boot in Grand Forks ~ don't be put off by the exterior or the interior either for that matter! Because who doesn't like pink carpeted walls and brass light fixtures? The beef tips, as always, were AMAZING...Maybe even better than we remembered...and we both even ate mushrooms!

And I must say...the raspberry long island teas weren't too bad either!!

I went back to see what we did on LAST year's anniversary - and though I didn't post the pictures until a few weeks later...We spent it doing what I love best - hanging out as a family...

Happy Anniversary Baby! ILY!


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