My Future Photogs...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

That camera we got the lil Miss last year was a REALLY great idea - she is just like her Mama in the fact that she really does like to take it everywhere she goes - along with her favorite barbies, polly pockets, ten headbands, three dresses, four books, a movie or two, nine pairs of shoes...well, you get the idea!

Anyway - outside doing a quick water job on our plants found me with MY camera snapping'll notice they each have their cameras in hand - snapping pics of the hydrangea bush!

Telling lil brother how to get the perfect shot? Or bossing me around - either or -

And just in case she needs it while clearing brush from the jungle part of the yard - in her evening gown no less...she keeps it dangling from her wrist! I love this kid!!

Ah, the sweet smell of lilacs...I only wish they lasted longer than a few days around here!

It really is a tiring job keeping up with all the goings' on around here...

I'm glad I have more than one photog in the house to help document our lives!!
Stay tuned for pics from the kids' cameras...they have some really great shots they've taken over the last few months!!


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