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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Please don't forget about the 7$ on the 7th campaign for the Liz Logelin Foundation ~
I know times are tough for many of us right now but if you can spare a few bucks...
It can make all the difference in the world! Together, we can make a difference...Trust me ~

Thinking of going out for lunch today? If so, please think twice and donate that lunch money instead...Today is the 7$ and YOU...YOU can help make a difference!

Please check out the 7$ on the 7th campaign ~ together, a buck or two at a time ~ we can help make the world a little brighter for someone facing the unthinkable ~ No amount is too small (or too big! )

On March 24, 2008, little Madeline Elizabeth Logelin came into this world.
The next day, her mother left it.
From this impossibly tragic event, a community was born. A community of individuals, united in their desire to help and support Madeline and her father, Matt. This community formed the basis for what would become a worldwide charitable foundation:
The Liz Logelin Foundation – For the Love of Liz

The foundation has a super easy way to contribute via paypal but if you do not have a paypal account or are uncomfortable contributing via the internet but still want to help - let me know and I can get your donation to the Foundation.

Together ~ we can make a difference!

Let's honor Madeline's Mother and all of the other Mother's who cannot be with their babies this weekend by making it a VERY successful $7 on the 7th!

Thanks everyone ~ & please be sure to check out Matt's words...


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