Playdate Fun ~

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday was a GREAT day here in Minnesota & our friends Matt & Maddy were in town and had some time to get together at a local waterin' hole...

So glad that Matt was able to make time for us 'old friends' - he just signed a pretty major book deal ya know...won't be long til he's even more famous than he is now!! (A few different times people approached him at the Splash Pad to let him know they read his blog!!)

It's nice to be included in his jam packed life when he is able to sneak home for a bit!

(Thanks Matt for letting me steal this pic of Maddy checking out Derek!) She is just too cute! And how the hell did she get so big so fast?? Must be all those blueberries she loves!! Note to self - pack fruit - not crackers next time!!

And thanks to Nancy for letting me steal THIS picture!! ;) Same shot - different angle...Matt's going to have his work cut out for him when Maddy gets a smidgeon older!!

H & 'B'

The catta~pillers were a HUGE hit ~ and when aren't they with lil boys!!

Flexin those muscles!!!

The girls givin' Matt some snuggles...

(this one Nancy got (Thanks again Nance for lettin' me steal it!)
~ Hails LOOOOVES her new friend 'B')

H was much more interested in playin' than trying to get a group shot - which by the way, was largely unsuccessful - last year - somehow we pulled it off!!

Group Shot of the creepy kids...not-so-much ~

The boys givin' Rachie a heart fear in boys ever is there?

We sure wore ourselves out that much I know!! C's face says it all ~ But can't wait to do it again!!


matt said...

thanks for letting us hang out with you guys! tons of fun...

see you again in sept.


Sol said...

Lovely entry my dear!
Love from down here

Kate said...

Awww....that looks like so much fun!

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