Happy Father's Day!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So...another Father's Day rolls around...another one of those 'silly holidays' in my opinion. I love the idea behind it - I just don't love the idea of someone telling me to make my kids make their dad feel special on a specified day on the calendar ~ I think that's something we should do EVERY DAY of the year - or as often as possible - not on a day that we are told to -

Besides - what about the folks that don't have a dad to share in this special day? Way to rub it in people. I miss my dad on plenty of occasions - reading through the Father's Day cards at the local card shop is enough to make me throw up in my mouth - Boy do I ever want to send him a card for the World's Greatest Grandpa on Father's Day - My dad never got to meet my children...

I like to think that my husband knows how much I love him and appreciate him ~ I try to tell him or show him often - though I know I could be better at it...And the kids - well, they for SURE let Daddy know he's the favorite, and fairly often too! "Mommy, I DO liiiiikkkkkeee you - it's just...it's just that I LOOOOOVE Daddy more!" ~
um, thanks?

So anyway - it's been a running joke in our house that Rob got a Mustang for Mother's Day last year...so he sort of owed me for that (his words, not mine!) - and the only thing I really wanted was some sleep and some rest - he gave me both for Mother's Day...and he also agreed to spend the day with my creepy friends at Maddy's 2nd Annual Pool Party!!

What better way to spend the day than with one of the greatest Dads we know?

These next two shots were taken by our own Creepy Nancy - She always has the BEST pictures EVER!!
I still can barely work the functions on my own SLR!! She's an inspiration to be sure!

Em is for Marcie made this cake for Matt & Maddy -
The crazy Bunny Toy, Madeline and the Robot in the Weinermobile!!
This was too cute!

So no sooner had we settled in to the pool party when this lil butterfly friend showed up!
Kris & the Butterfly Friend on her shoulder!

The lil ones coaxing the butterfly to take a hand ~

Again - photo by Nancy!! THANKS NANCE!

He LOOOVES 'B' & can't stop talkin' about her - but he wasn't too impressed with the fact that she had the butterfly for longer than he thought she should have it!

But she so generously helped him to be able to hold this butterfly!
Nancy took this photo too - I could NOT capture that butterfly friend like she did!

D with this lil butterfly on his leg ~

Again - photo by Nancy - D told her she could NOT take a picture though!

There was plenty of ROOT beer to go around...

And ICE CREAM! (I felt pretty special to have MckMama use this pic of her little Small Fry on her blog after the pool party!! ~ Not the greatest of pics but cute all the same! She was NOT wanting to share that ice cream!! ACK - she's too cute! )

Lil Creepy Friends Havin' a snack at the party ~

And of course - what pool party is complete without some swimming? I wasn't going to bring swimsuits for any of us - but the smart man that my husband is...he told me to at least pack the suits for the kids - at least we'd have them - and as usual - he was right! Thankfully Matt humored all of the kids (& us parents who didn't bring our swimsuits!) and took them swimming!!

Joe checkin' out Matt - or Matt checkin' out Joe?

B's mom had the same thought that I did - no swimsuits = no swimming - but when you are a kid - sometimes you just HAVE to have your way!! I think she can get away with it for a couple more years!! Though next time I bet she'll bring swimsuits!

And is any pool party ever complete without SOMEONE falling into the pool unprepared? This time - it was our kid - our crazy little boy kid - The hubs was waiting for it - in fact - he told me not 10 minutes before it was time to get going because D was done swimming but was playing ball on the edge of the pool and it was really wearing down the hubs - he knew something was going to happen - and it did - D fell overboard - but I'm pretty confident that the hubs hit the bottom of the pool before D did...The hubs had a very hard time relaxing all afternoon because the pool was making him too nervous with the lil ones playing all around it...

Here I was visiting with the gang & trying to canoodle Stellan
when I hear Jennifer say - "Someone's going in" ~ only to turn around and see that someone is my hubs - D didn't even know what hit him - the only mishap besides the wet tennis shoes and socks was the cell phone...and that can easily be replaced...

I am sure you are wondering where the pics of THAT are...I'm pretty sure I would not still be married if I'd of stopped to take pics of THAT fiasco!

We left immediately after that - my poor hubs - such a good sport - and on Father's Day no less!
At the end of the day - we were all tired but no one was any worse for wear ~ Happy Father's Day Big Poppy - We love you!!!


ryanandjoesmom said...

So honored that Joe made the Blog!!! That kid could live in water if I let him.

Glad everyone walked away safely from the pool party. I know 'the incident' put a few more gray hairs on my head. Was trying to figure out how to jump in while holding Joe, but thankfully your hubby was in the water before I figured that out.

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