Thursday, June 4, 2009

So the other day in my wonderful internet world I stumbled upon something sooo cool I just HAD to try it out ~
You see, I'm not a big fan of the sidewalk chalk, but we've got plenty - because honestly, what kid doesn't love it? I don't mind it per se - I just don't care for the feeling it leaves on my hands when I use it. So when I came across something that said WHAT TO DO WITH THOSE TINY PIECES OF LEFTOVER SIDEWALK CHALK ~ I of course had to look...

This is what I read ~
Hello to all. This is Kristi Lawler, Texas Account Manager for Discount School Supply. One of my favorite things about my job here at Discount School Supply is helping customers make the most of their money. In times like these, coming up with ideas to make a little go a long way is a big deal. My own kids go through a lot of sidewalk chalk and once it gets down to the little ‘leftover’ pieces the kids won’t really use it anymore. I was thinking about how wasteful it was to throw them away, so this is the idea that we came up with.

First, you have the kids help you sort the chalk by color (also a great learning activity), then put them in individual plastic bags. Next, smash them up (we used a rolling pin – the kids loved this part!). Once you have ground up the chalk, place each color in its own plastic cup and add a small amount of water. Mix it up, give them some paintbrushes and let them paint with it on the sidewalk! It makes beautiful, bright colors and gives them another way to use the chalk; plus uses up the leftover pieces so you don’t have any waste! Enjoy!

And this...is what we did! Now, these pics aren't the greatest - it was sort of a messy first go round with this, for reasons too numerous to mention. Ok, I'll mention a few of them - 1) I don't have a rolling pin - so I used a hammer. (note to self - ask for a rolling pin for Christmas!) 2) I was in a hurry to get started 3) I used WAAY too much water to begin with 4) well, you get the idea...

We. Had. So. Much. FUN!!

We even pretended it was FINGER PAINT! YAY!

You really ought to try this one at home!!


ali said...

i'm TOTALLY trying that out!!! looks like loads of fun!! :)

Mary said...

cool idea, I can't wait to try it!

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