Dan Patch Days Parade ~

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Clownin' Around ~

Ah, Summertime in the City ~ You know what that means...PARADES around every corner!
One of our favs is the Dan Patch Days Parade in Savage - the neighboring 'burb ~ We are able to show up an hour before parade time and claim our stakes on the grass under a tiny little tree for some shade...
One year I'd like to try the Apple Valley Parade but no way am I putting my stuff out 24 hours in advance to mark my spot!
C ~ R ~ A ~ Z ~ Y!

The lil girl of ours is more about cuddling with her Daddy during said event...those Shriners do her in every year - and I don't blame her one bit! They ARE nutty!

The little boy on the other hand - he's all business when it comes to getting the canny ~

You should have HEARD the squeals of delight when the first little tootsie roll hit his bucket!

The kid was beside himself giddy!

It was an enjoyable day at the parade ~ as usual we left with way more canny than we needed - their little sand buckets over flowing with sugary goodness...and a few toothbrushes too!

Next up...More free fun??


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