Riding in Cars with Boys

Friday, July 3, 2009

As promised...Here are a few more shots from our recent outing to Como Zoo and Como Town...I always love going there - Como holds a special place in my heart...
Not only we married in the beautiful Marjorie McNeely Conservatory - but Como Zoo is where I was the last time I talked to my dad...

My roommates and I (the hubs was one of them at the time) had piled into the car and headed to the zoo on an unseasonably warm February day...My parents called and we visited a bit...and I told my Dad I had to go because I was at the zoo ~ the last thing he ever said to me..."I hope they let you out!"
He always did have quite a sense of humor!

Como never disappoints...
See for yourself!

I sure love the giraffes ~

And the sad looking Monkey-People...

The lil Baby guy was ADORABLE!

The big turtles are always a huge hit - but D wasn't sure why he couldn't ride one -

They also had their Blooming Butterfly Exhibit going on again this year which is pretty cool ~
This pic does NOT do this butterfly justice - it was the biggest butterfly I've EVER seen...EVER! The size of a dinner plate at least!

Of course, any visit to the Zoo is also worth a quick stop in Como Town...
Hails had no problem taking a back seat to the boys...

In fact - she found it pretty fun!

She and P took a spin in one car ~

This picture scares me a little bit, as it shows me a bit of the future...they are 3, not 23!

But this guy wasn't too happy - we were all hot and ornery and tired...in fact, I wasn't sure we were even going to be able to MEET our friends there after the night(s) we'd been having leading up to playdate day...But I didn't want any of us to miss it...so we tried anyway - (and were glad we did - mostly!)

He came around - but then big sister 'sat out' and refused to go on any more rides - which was ok - because D and P had each other...Too bad the place was so crowded - Not only was it the 4th of July Weekend - It was Como Town's 5th Birthday and they even gave out FREE CAKE!

We've gone before where they just let the kids ride the rides til they feel like getting off - a heck of a lot easier than unstrapping a grumpy 2 year old and bringing him back to the end of the line again - the way he sees it - he should just be able to stay on the rides til he's ready to get off!

The boys havin' fun ~

The moms each rode in the tea cups with the boys - the whole time D was yelling at me - 'GET OUT of HERE! THIS IS FOR KIDS! YOU ARE TOO BIG!'

Shoot! Had I known the ride wasn't too scary and too spinny for him - I'd of let him go alone - or with P - but I wanted to make sure! I SOOO cramped his style ~ and he let me know it too! I could have gotten some GREAT shots of the boys on the ride had I not been stuck in a spinning tea cup!

Next time...and there WILL be a next time - as Como Town sent us two complimentary unlimited ride wristbands for submitting some photos to their website!

The adorable Mr. P.

Nothing like a good old fashioned corn dog - They always taste better when you get them someplace other than your house! And you have a good friend to share them with!

P and his Daddy hanging out at Como Town!

Thanks for a great day out G family! Looking forward to next time!


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