Night to Unite

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Formerly known as National Night Out - Everyone comes together and hangs out - meeting one another...

Well, as you know - we do this in our neighborhood pretty frequently, not just once a year...but it's always a good time!

Everyone gathers in the cul de sac and brings a dish to share...

The kids eat mostly cookies!

D puts two together and tries to eat them that way - cuz then it's like he's only got one cookie!

I can hardly believe how big these two are getting...seems like yesterday they were 2 year olds going for a Mustang ride on a Friday night!

Pam brought the shots...

And the kids all sat good and pretended to eat -

We got totally hosed on the 'public service vehicles' this year - every year since we moved in - EIGHT years ago...We've had not only a fire truck but a police car as well - this year - I guess because of budget cuts - we got some city councilman (or something) and a police man who hopped out of a suburban...(or some other regular old family car!)
No squad car, no fire truck...What a bummer -
The kids still thought the cop was cool - but still - not even a squad car? Sheesh!

The policeman WAS nice enough to give us a couple of beach balls - courtesy of hmmmm....?

And they were pretty fun but clearly - two beachballs and a dozen or more kids isn't the greatest of ideas...

We got out our bounce house but since it's little - and there were a zillion kids - that didn't last too long - but it was fun all the same...

I've said it time and time again - our neighbors are the only reason we are still in this house eight years later - five years was the max...but more and more lately I want to convince my hubby that MSP isn't for me, for us...
The kids are getting older...and so am this big busy metro really where we want to be?
I guess for now it is - until our neighbor friends start moving out...then the decision gets easier!


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