Chutes and Ladders!

Monday, September 7, 2009

So there's this hidden gem not terribly far from our house that we've been meaning to check out since my peeps over at Cribsheet mentioned it...
The hubs took a Friday off of work and instead of torturing him with the state fair - we decided to test this place out instead...

The kids were excited...

Is that a look of 'not-quite-sure'? Don't let that fool you -

He was more than comfortable tackling the big climb ~

But she (of course) preferred to lie low and practice her monkey skills - I think it would have been more fun for all of us had there not been a million school/ymca groups there. The place was overrun with unruly loud 'big' kids ~

After playing on the grounds known as Chutes & Ladders, we went to the area of the park that offers less heart attacks to parents...
And just hung out on the rocks near the water - they offer canoe and paddle boat rentals in addition to the miles and miles of biking and hiking trails...What a treasure!

Definately a great find in our obnoxiously busy metro area - I can't wait to return - maybe with brand new bikes for the entire family so we can test out those trails!


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