Hastings Car Show

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Saturday night and do you know where our favorite place to spend every (other) Saturday night is?
That's right - Family Date Night in good old Hastings - for the Hastings Car Show!

We thought we had gone for the last time, the last time we went, but when Labor Day plans sort of fell through - we decided with the gorgeous weather we just knew we had to get out one more time -

So we took our best gal ~

and our best guy - Out to dinner in Hastings...

What tastes better than Corn on the Cob in summer?

Well, besides dessert that is!

We decided to head up on the bridge and see if we could get some cool shots of what we love so much, but all it ended up looking like is a jumbled mess - while it's true, a lot of folks do show up for this night - and especially Labor Day weekend - it's not near as crowded as my pictures portray -

One can easily walk the street with their double wide stroller, ice cream in hand, and take in all the sights, the sounds, and the smells: engine oil and popcorn!

We had no sooner gotten there when I spotted this guy and I just had to take his picture - Is that the first video camera ever made? I'm pretty sure it was...though after seeing him about 1000x on our walk around town - I began to get suscpicious that he was a coverup - and that perhaps I was being filmed for TLC's What Not To Wear!

This guy got a ticket for violating the rules - 1976 and newer only...HA!

And there were plenty of those around?

White wall much?

One of the things I really enjoy seeing in Hastings is this adorable old folks home about a block off the main drag where all of this goes down - it's a quaint little brick 2 story - can't be terribly many apartments in there - and there is this giant porch on the front of it. We often see a group of men hanging out on that porch enjoying the fresh air and conversation and I always tell the hubs I will see to it that he has a place there, so he can enjoy the car show...

And then we see this - some dude parked his own ride in between a couple of other classics! I love it!

May we be so lucky as to enjoy our golden years doing something like this that we all really love...


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