Nat'l Night Out - Take 2

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

As is tradition in our neighborhood - just like National Night Out/Night to Unite - we met up in the cul de sac for our annual Labor Day Potluck!

Lots of great neighbor friends came out and shared in great food and great conversation...

The 'boys' stayed busy playing bean bag toss (I'm going to secretly hone my skills and whoop em next time!)

Uncle Denny even played 'bags' while cuddling Giada...He's good!

The little boys stayed busy with their own game of 'cars' - using the garden hose to put gas in - ah! if only life were that easy!!

We've been throwing around the idea of getting our kids a power wheel or two -'s so nice to see them actually running and playing and getting such great physical exercise...that's been the sticking factor to NOT getting one - that and where the hell do you store those things? Kids these days are so sedentary with all of the video games/television/bus commuting, etc - We love that they want to ride bikes and use their 'flintstone cars'
We've talked about it for a couple of years now, if we just keep this up for a couple more years, soon they'll be too big for powerwheels anyway and the point will be mute anyway - just like all of the other things the hubs and I deal with - ignore it and eventually it goes away right? HA!


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