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Monday, November 23, 2009

So, I tried to get a pic of the kids...AND the dog in a pic for this year's holiday cards...
This is how I did...

How DO those folks do it...and make it look so easy?
Anyway - this gang - All 18 (::GASP!:: EIGHTEEN FOLLOWERS! AMAZING!)
this is where you come in...

I have finally narrowed down the pictures for the Holiday Card - I scoured all the different sites and none of them had a layout I really loved with three, maybe four pictures...
The hubs could care less, they all look pretty much the same to him (and to you all too I am sure!)
~ but his favorite isn't my favorite...

Which brings me to my question - which one is YOUR favorite?
I believe if you click on the picture it will actually make it big enough to see -

Option 1

Option 1A (ridiculous - yes, I know!)

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Option 6

OR....Option 7?

Please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email...your feedback is appreciated!

And yes, I DO know that things don't have to be this hard...but if you know me, this is how I roll!



Unknown said...

Hands-down, #1 is my favorite.

Altho I love alot of the other pictures, I love the color, layout, etc. of #1.

I did my cards this year thru Shutterfly -- a first! I'm happy with them, but JEEBUS it took forever to get it right. ::sigh::

I'm slowly learning why my mom hated Christmas! LOL

Marketing Mama said...

I totally obsess as much as you do - you are NOT alone!

Okay -

I love the photos and layout of #1, but the graphics look like fireworks and I was confused for too long on that one! :) If you could find a different background for those two photos, that would be my first choice.

Well, actually, tied with #4. Love it.

#6 would be my 2nd/3rd choice

(but of course they are ALL nice and anyone on your list would be thrilled to get any of them).

Anonymous said...

Option 7!!!!!! The more pics the merrier!

Amelia Sprout said...

1, 6, or 7. I love the ones of them in the trees (?).

I think you did a great job, way better than we did. Seriously though, we should have support groups for parents after we try to get photos.

Anonymous said...

I like number 7...I like having lots of pics to look at, if you ask me! Some of the kids, some of the parents and the dog too! Jeffra

Kate @ Ex Libris said...

I love #1 and I like #3, too.

Unknown said...

#1-they all look great though. Oh and you ask for my address? :) My address is 3118 Village Green Dr S
Moorhead, MN 56560.

Anonymous said...

1, 3, or 7...good job, Darcie! Such a cute fam!


Anonymous said...

These are all really great pictures! I think I'd go with 4 or 7. I know that I personally prefer to get holiday cards that have a picture of the whole family, not just the kids. I'm friends with the parents, too, and always curious about how everyone looks.

Polski G said...

Option 3 . . . you gotta include the man!

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