Excitement is in the Air!

Friday, January 15, 2010

So we are getting very very close to our first ever real family vacation! YAY!
Adding to that excitement was the coolest. surprises. ever!
Found in our mailbox last week!

I'll admit it, my first thought immediately was...well played Disney Resorts, well played. They are very, un...nosy when it comes to asking you for info when you book a stay there...Names of all parties involved, ages, dates of birth, etc etc...
I thought MAYBE it was a perk of staying on property...though they are also pretty good at tooting their own horns - letting you know just what IS and what ISN'T included in the price of your stay...and I never once heard of this. Still...pretty damn cool wouldn't you say?
Didn't take long after mobile uploading these pictures to find out that these postcards that made me giddy and the kids even more so were the result of my wonderful friends Gina and Danielle. Gina is going there soon and Danielle just happened to going there right before us...So the two of them together came up with the idea to send these to our kids...H & D were beside themselves with excitement and I found myself pretty happy all day long too!
Amazing what a piece of happy mail will do for a person huh?
We plan to return the favor to Gina when we head out as she goes to Disney shortly after we get back...and one of my other new friends as well with two daughters in heading in April...
What a wonderful surprise for her daughters!
I am happy to repay the favor...
Any last minute travel tips for us? It's not too late...


Buck said...

So, I didn't read this post until just now, but last night I had a dream that I was shopping for Disney postcards and I swear the Mickey one was in my dream. Totally bizarre.

Also, I can't wait until Bud is old enough for Disney. I bet you guys will have so much fun!

The Fritz Facts said...

Now that is pretty cool of them to do! I can imagine the excitement that ensued.

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