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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So most of our big events are huddled right around each other - fall brings us birthdays for H and I, then comes Christmas and D's birthday, followed very closely by Valentine's Day (blah) and the hubs' birthday.

We've been together 10 years the hubs and I...and we're pretty practical around here...
I mean...what do you give the man who has me for a wife everything?

Seriously. We have our home. And our two gorgeously healthy children. We have a dog. He has about as close to his dream car as he's gonna get, for awhile anyway. We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary (along with about a dozen other things) in Florida on vacation...

So truly...what do you get the man who has all he could ever possibly want and more...?

I asked my fellow twitter friends...and got LOTS of great ideas...
But one that really struck me as being something he would enjoy...was from Jenny - MEAT!

Can you really go wrong with getting your man MEAT?

I didn't think so...

(click the pic if you want to actually read it)

That's right folks...I got my man some MEAT for his birthday. I headed over to Von Hanson's to see what they had...and was able to secure 5 different flavors of brats for my man! Who doesn't love a good brat on the grill?

It was brilliant! We are currently working on simplifying our lives around I'm trying to get rid of stuff and declutter to make ALL of us happy!)

This was a perfect idea...something he will (hopefully) enjoy...nothing that has to be stored someplace (well, besides our freezer until we grill it up and eat it that is...) and it didn't break our bank account...

Thanks Jenny for the awesome idea!

We sang happy birthday and had a little peanut butter & chocolate cake...

And then enjoyed a great dinner out followed by some awesome games at a local haunt we plan to visit again very very soon...We LOVED Brunswick Bowl! Our kids ate for free and got some complimentary game cards, we enjoyed excellent hot meals at reasonable prices, all while watching some Olympics on the big screens...(and cartoons right in our booth!) before wandering around playing a few time - we are bowling for SURE!
Happy Birthday Babe! I love you!! WE love you!

While birthdays sure are a lot different around here than they used to be, I couldn't of been more happy with how this one turned out...well, considering...I mean, I did get the man MEAT for heaven's sakes!

Now...if anyone can remember what I got him LAST year...I'll think of a GREAT prize for you!

(I actually blogged that he got some great gifts if I did say so myself...but if neither of us can remember just a year great could they possibly have been? hmmmm)


Anonymous said...

I guess nobody else remembers either!

Now, stop posting pictures of desserts in every post. Not what I need to see at midnight. ;) (geez, why am I even up?)

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