the shoes make the outfit -

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's been said that the shoes make the woman. Or the shoes make the outfit.
Or maybe I'm just totally making that up...but one thing is for sure - our little girl looooves her some shoes.
Boots - knock off uggs, princess snowboots, kitty rainboots.
Flip flops, ruby red slippers. Tennis shoes, patent black leather shoes...
She has, and loves, all of them.

When she had her first birthday - or was it her second?
She got her first pair of 'fancy' shoes...I'm going to say second - because it was a whole dress up set that she got - a pink satin 'gown', feather boa, sunglasses and shoes...

I remember thinking - oh Lord, those SHOES...she will NEVER wear those shoes...

Well, these very shoes...she has worn OUT over the last two and almost half years...
in fact, they've been glued, and taped, and super glued, and packaging taped up, time and time again...but oh how she looves her fancy shoes!

And the dress...the dress still fits...and she wears it. A. LOT. She just loooooves 'staying home days' so she can keep this pretty thing on all day long...

And sport it with her brand spankin' new fancy shoes!

(and even on not-staying-home days, she rushes to put this on when we get home...and each night, after tucking her in one last time, we more times than not are sliding these plastic gems off of her tired little feet)
I tell ya what - the best $6.69 a parent could have spent...
Three pairs of fancy shoes, two tiaras...Walgreens baby!
(Even more awesome is that I was THIS CLOSE to spending $20 on one tiara at Walt Disney World a few weeks ago-but I thought better of it...)

She is pretty comical...She has a system (that she doesn't follow). She'll say..."The purple shoes are for Tuesdays. These fancy ones with the flowers, these are for staying home days" and it is absolutely priceless to watch. I love that these crazy plastic play shoes make her so incredibly happy.
In fact, she wore the darker pink ones above to the dentist on Friday - with a fresh done-by-mom pedicure complete with flower stickers on all ten of her toes...It was an awfully cute site to watch her little toes curling up in these shoes while she sat in the dentist chair trying 20x over to get some decent bite wing pics...(We never did!)

I'm going to let her wear these shoes again NEXT Friday - when we return to have some cavities filled. Our poor little princess. She's inherited my teeth. (They tell me it's hereditary-teeth issues.)
So...She'll get some laughing gas to help her relax (they don't have any for me - I asked!) and I'll paint her toes a beautiful rainbow of colors and let her concentrate on those while she's being a brave little girl next week...
We're going to need more than fancy shoes and pedicures to get through this one!


Anonymous said...

We have six pairs of fancy shoes here. Used to be seven but one pair was worn so much they needed to be tossed. And BOTH kids love to wear them.

Anonymous said...

I hope McKenna will wear fancy shoes. She is just now getting into bracelets (my hair rubberbands) and sunglasses! She still cannot stand a hood or anything in her hair. Guess the jury is still out on the fancy shoes! Your little one is adorable!


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