Cards for Cancer...Wrapping Up...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So I was going to wait until next week sometime to post more pics of cards for cancer - the kickin' project I am working on via but I just could.not.wait to share this awesomesauce with you guys...
I mean, I figured I would have a few more pictures to share, a few more cards to deliver... but I had no idea...
I had high hopes for this project when I first got involved...

I didn't know exactly what we could do...but I knew that 'Together, We Can Make a Difference'

and boy oh boy oh boy was I right!

We already have over 300 cards! Can you believe it!?! I am soo thrilled about this!

I mean, seriously...look at these!

This bunch here? These were dropped off at my house by LeAnn ~ Remember her? Her brother has been battling cancer for the last few years...She organized a group at her house last Friday to create cards, and create cards they did! Just a couple shy of 100! WOW!

Thank you LeAnn and the Ladies of Barbara Lane - they are soo perfect!
And then, just a couple of days later - I came home to find this stash on my awesome friend & neighbor, her daughter and a friend whipped out these creations...(yes, we neighbors let ourselves into each others homes on occassion...)

And just today, a beautiful gal named Snow, who contacted me via this here blog and facebook - (ah, the power of social media) drove here from Wisconsin, drop off another 84 cards! EIGHTY FOUR~! A. MAZING!

There are store bought and hand made - pictures made by kids, beautiful messages written by adults for adults, by kids for kids, by kids for adults for kids...

kindness knows no bounds...

I'd be lying if I said this was no big is. It's HUGE!
Wouldn't one of these cards make YOUR day?

These cards aren't even for me, but they sure made my day!

In addition to the cards you see above - There are also so BEAUTIFUL creations still coming our way via Sam over at All Sam's Idea... Check out her stuff here!

Also, Laura and the ladies from the Star Tribune who brought over our first big batch of cards shown here, are creating more cards this week, and with those, come another dozen cards made with love by Laura and Mallory from Mallory's Mishmash World.

This one here is one of my favs that Sam did...

And look at this beauty!

There are a few more cards that I am waiting to get my hands on - those are coming for sure this Friday...and there are a few more of you that wanted in on this but haven't yet connected with me to get me the cards...Can you still contribute a card or two or twenty?
Can we get to 500 cards by April 10th? Can we do it? YES. WE. CAN!


Samantha said...

Darcie you are TOO sweet!

I'm SO glad you are getting so many cards!!! It's so wonderful and brings tears to eyes because people are just being so generous and thoughtful! It's wonderful! :-)

Also, check out my blog post on Tuesday for some more cards (and a free download to print your own!) I think I will have about 40 to get to you when I am done!

ryanandjoesmom said...

This is a great definition of ::awesomesauce::. You should be so proud!! What a great way to give back!

Jessica said...

Oh man - I feel like such a crappy friend right now because I haven't even had time to start making cards. Plus, I think I start to get a little emotional about it, since I lost my Dad to cancer. I'm still having a tough time getting over it. I'm gonna try to make some cards this weekend, and get them out to you. Please accept my apologies for my flakiness!

Anti-Supermom said...

The cards made by the kids are just the sweetest, really pulls at my heart strings.

What a great thing, Darcie!

Vortort's #vortorts2021 said...

I totally forgot about this....awesomesauce you are! Thanks for the wipes, they rock!!!

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