Package Deal...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who doesn't love a good package in the mail?
Truth be told - these kids love any piece of mail with their names on them...oh how they love mail...but PACKAGES in the mail?

oh's like Heaven here on Earth...

Especially when the packages are sent with love from Grandma Betty!

While she has no trouble ripping hers open - she offers assistance to her little bro -

Who is equally as thrilled with his loot!

Yep! We sure do love mail!

Thank you Grandma Betty and Grandpa Tim!
We love you!!
(well, Bosco might be mad he didn't get anything - see above picture...but don't fret...he helped himself to an entire package of sour patch gummy worms out of the basket off of the counter while we were at work! I'd of paid good money to watch him chew those up time and time again trying to destroy the evidence! damn dog!)


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