Butterfly Kit...An Update

Saturday, May 8, 2010

So we are now 7 days in on our Butterfly Kit we are watching/growing/LOVING courtesy of Insect Lore...

Every day, at least a dozen times, the kids say..."Mom! We have to check on our caterpillars!"
Typically, I have already just checked on them...but am more than happy to do it again! This is seriously sooo. much. fun!!
H, who is only 4, has been telling her friends all about metamorphosis.
The 2nd grader in our cul de sac told her that she only JUST learned of metamorphosis in school...and she cannot believe that H is already talking about it!

Seriously. This is just too cool.
Remember how our little friends started out?

Here are our little friends 2 days later...growing....

And two more days later...definitely getting noticeably bigger...

And then today, I finally wised up and took the cardboard off of the cup! HA HA! See, Insect Lore makes this so dang easy, literally, all you do is open the cardboard box that arrives (WITH biodegradable packing peanuts I might add!) and viola!
You are all set to immediately start watching/learning about your new friends!
This next picture was taken 5/8/2010 with the camera on the NEW Verizon Incredible HTC smartphone - More on that later, but I am currently at the halfway point of taking it for a test run/review...stay tuned...
Yes, it's called the Incredible...and yes, yes it is! I'm not sure how I'm going to give it back!!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAA I looove this picture! D got an insect kit for Christmas and the kids not only had that out today (first with a fly and a french fry in it, and after he 'escaped' they filled it with worms and dirt! - um, I think gifts from Insect Lore for our next birthdays/Christmas are in order don't you???)

While the last three pictures are date stamped the 7th, they are actually the 8th...turns out if you have the time set to am when it's really pm on your camera - it takes a few more hours for the date to change on it! oops!
Anyway - We have five growing, thriving caterpillars...there is all kinds of silky stuff in our little cup and we absolutely cannot wait until they form their chrysalis! I sort of think we have more than 5 caterpillars growing in here...as there are some small black particles inside the cup that appear to be pieces of actual Caterpillar...maybe teeny tiny ones? Or maybe just Caterpillar poo...Perhaps I should ask Kurt at Insect Lore...
Regardless - five. LIVE. caterpillars that will hopefully soon be in hiding to go through their metamorphosis to painted lady butterflies!
oooohhhhh....sooo exciting!
Don't forget...you have until next Friday the 14th to simply leave a comment for a chance to win one of these kits of your very own! Just visit the original Insect Lore post on my blog by clicking here!


joeandbridge said...

Hi! Happy Mother's Day! I'm hopping around to find new blogs to follow today! Hope you have a great week! Great Blog! I can't wait to see your butterflies!

Bridgette Groschen
The Groschen Goblins

Unknown said...

I have been thinking about purchasing one of these...you may have just sealed the deal for me! Anthony is obsessed with this stuff.

MollyinMinn said...

That is so fun I can hardly stand it. And I love the magnifying glass shot of her looking at them. Made me giggle.

Anonymous said...

Boo would be seriously freaking out at this point. Bugs, in the house...hog heaven!

My friend has that phone and LOVES it!

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