Canon Vs. Casio...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So a few weeks ago, my trusty old point and shoot camera died on me...Well, not completely, it was still taking pictures, however, said pictures had a white 'film' if you will, over each and every shot I took.

A quick visit with Google told me that this was a common problem and an expensive fix. Seeing as how I had taken thousands of pictures with that camera over three and a half years - I knew it was time...

I told you all about it here and got various feedback via blog comments, emails and tweets my from my tweeps on twitter...and everyone said the same thing at the end...Let me know what you decide...

Well, I tried to like the Canon point and shoot - really I did. In fact, it had some GREAT features that I really loved! In-camera editing was one of those...what do I need that for you ask? Well, over on my Project Me. Project You blog I love to turn pics to black and white before posting ~ or maybe cropping out some of the crap in the background before posting pics, and being able to do that in-camera was pretty slick. I loved that you could set the camera to take black and white pictures leaving just one color - any color of your choice - to stay. So...A black and white picture of a certain little girl with just the red of her pettiskirt in color ~ without photoshop? Um....YES PLEASE! Plus, as another friend pointed out -it's a CANON...Canon's make GREAT cameras!

But-there were some cons as well...The HD Video was cool (but not unique to the Canon) - but the file types were not compatible with simply grabbing them and uploading them here to the blog without doing some wacky sort of conversion first. How will I quickly and easily share videos of the AMAZING dancers our children have become thanks to the local community ed dance classes? BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Then there was the fact that the camera only took approximately 300 pictures per battery charge - that doesn't go terribly far when I'm snapping shots.

So...because of National Camera's liberal 30 day return policy...A week after buying the Canon, I returned to the store and bought what I had originally intended to buy. The newer version of the Casio Exilim camera. I had the same awesome sales guy and he couldn't of been more understanding and willing to let me have both cameras at home and use them side by side to make my decision.

I wish I could justify keeping BOTH point and shoot cameras...and if I talk to myself about it long enough - I can. But the price points that each of these cameras are at - pretending that one of them belongs to our four year old really does seem silly.

So...the Casio...With it's 10x zoom and it's 14.1 mega pixels, approximately 1000 pictures per battery charge, and it's super easy video-to-YouTube function and many many other kickin' features that I have yet to figure out, was what won me over. Not to mention, the familiarity factor of having used this same camera, albeit the older version, for the last three and a half years...

Casio really does make a GREAT product...Did you even know Casio made cameras?

So...this is what I'm using now, The Casio Exilim H15, when I'm not using my Canon SLR...

And so far...I love love love love love it!
I can't wait to test out a few of it's unique features such as the Art Shot & the Dynamic Photo and E-Greetings!

Also - an added bonus I figured out later - If you purchase a new Casio camera - you can send in your old camera - of any make or model - for cash back via their camera trade in program! I filled out the paperwork online and am waiting to see what I get back...but according to the guestimator online - it should be in the ball park of $45.00! Awesome!

So...I returned the Canon point and shoot after a week and a half, knowing that the Casio was a better camera for my needs right now...and get this...The Casio was on sale, for $60 cheaper than when I bought it!! So the AWESOME ASSOCIATES at National Camera refunded me the difference. AFTER mailing me the 2 year extended warranty & complimentary memory card that they forgot was included with the Casio purchase when I left the store!

Seriously. Why you would buy a camera at a big box store when you get this kind of care and personal customer service at National Camera is beyond me.
Of course, they may just be being so nice to me in hopes that I won't be back for a few years~!

So...there you have it - my point and shoot dilemma solved - for now!

And while I wish I could say I was compensated in some way, shape or form for this post about National Camera Exchange and/or Casio Exilim cameras...the fact of the matter is, I wasn't. These words and opinions are mine and mine alone and nothing but a superior product and superior customer service inspired this blog post.
But if anyone from either National Camera or Casio should stumble upon this post - I'd love to review a product or two or host a give away! Just sayin'!


Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Glad you found one that works..and even better, got to experiment with another one to decide which you really liked.

Samantha said...

Sounds like you had a really good experience and ended up with a camera you really like. :-)

Speaking of cameras... which Canon SLR do you have? I am looking to get my first SLR soon and I would love to know how you like yours. :-D

Anonymous said...

I am glad you found one that works for what you want, that is the most important part!

I LOVE National Camera! I go there for all my camera stuff, they are just that good.

Jen Knox said...

Did you go to the one in Burnsville behind the mall? If you don't mind sharing your awesome salesperson's first name, I might be making a stop there in the next month or so to do some camera research/shopping. ;)

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