Two Minutes Twice a Day for Two Weeks Challenge

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If you know me in real life - you know that I have a total phobia of the dentist. I really really hate going to the dentist. We didn't go regularly as kids and so when we did - it was because there was an issue...a big a bad cavity...
It's nothing against my dentist or my awesome hygienist. They are extremely nice folks...It's me...In fact, I was just there this past Monday, and while they assured me that I am improving, they also tell me there is still room for improvement...

In January I wrote a post for a blog as part of a network of my girlfriends all inspiring each other to get healthier...

My dental habits are not boding well for my dental anxiety.

I've been bound and determined to make dental hygiene and dentist visits both routine and fun for our kids...Starting young is the key right?
Sadly, our girl already had to endure her first fillings...yes, I said FILLINGS! this past February.
I was told that a lot of children's dental health is determined by genetics.
Great. Now I feel even WORSE about things! Thankfully our son still has picture perfect dental health!

Anyway - our little girl got through the appointment fairly well...Though even with the laughing gas...there were a few tears. (Hers and mine!)
So how do we go forward and put this behind us and do our best to make sure it doesn't happen again?

Well, we accept
Metro Dental Care's Two Minutes. Twice a Day for Two Weeks Challenge!

Brushing our teeth for two minutes. Two times every day. For TWO straight weeks.
And to up the ante on this challenge...I'm going to add flossing to my portion of the challenge.

I brush twice a day, but flossing? eh...not-so-much.
Our kids love to brush, and floss, their teeth...but if I'm being honest here, we don't typically brush their teeth on the mornings we are rushing to get out the door by 6:30 am - which is four days a week.

So...the gauntlet has been thrown down.
Two Minutes. Twice a Day. Two Weeks.

Want to join in on this challenge? Not only will the only set of teeth you are given thank you - but Metro Dental Care has sweetened the pot!
No, not with ice cream or candy bars or other things that may seem sweet to you ~ that would be just plain silly!
This is something even SA-WEEEET-A!

Yep...that's right! Join in this challenge and you have a shot at winning one of two sets of FOUR tickets to see the Minnesota Twins at their glorious new outdoor stadium! (Trust me - this is one hot ticket! I had a VERY hard time getting tickets for our family of four to see the Twins at Target Field!)

What do you need to do?

Join me in this challenge. Brush your teeth twice a day, for two minutes, for two weeks. Leave a comment here telling me that you are up for the challenge!
Share how its going with YOUR network. To qualify for an entry, post an update to your Facebook status (tagging MetroDentalCare), tweet about it (using hashtag #twiceaday) or if you have your own blog, share a post (and link to MetroDentalCare).

The more you post, tweet and tag Metro Dental Care on Facebook, the more chances you have to win...

Disclosure Statement: I am not being paid to participate in this challenge. I have been a patient at MetroDentalCare for the last 12 years. The Twins tickets giveaway is hosted by MetroDentalCare and the winner will be selected by and notified by them. A handful of bloggers are participating in this challenge and all readers are welcome to participate in this challenge/enter to win the Twins tickets. I am not eligble to win the Twins Tickets - BOO! However, Metro Dental Care has invited me to attend a St. Paul Saints game as their guest.


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