Picture Perfect...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So a few weeks ago, while volunteering with a great group of gals, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots of this adorable little guy...

A self proclaimed picture fanatic - I just love love love snapping shots and trying to capture little moments...We spent maybe five minutes in the dandy patch...but I got a few fun shots ~

Shortly thereafter, I received what I consider to be the highest of compliments from Trish.
Seriously, from someone who makes her living via photojournalism, her profession, someone who is so highly regarded in her job...what a compliment!!!

It was also Trish who had the idea that we should blow up one of the pictures I got and surprise Liz, this little cutie's Mommy, with it.

And so we did.

We went with the second pic above, and YOU GUYS!! ~ it turned out GORGEOUS!

Just see how happy Liz was opening her gift!

(and a HUGE shout out and thank you to Kellyn for delivering AND taking photos of Liz with her gift for me!)

I think she likes it? Do you?

I found this company that makes afforable canvas prints from your photographs - The Canvas People - and I highly suggest you check them out!
Not only do I love love love love LOOOOVE how the canvas turned out - the turn around time for this gorgeous new wall art was a week! A WEEK!
If you are looking to put some 'art' up on your walls, or give someone an awesome gift - this is the ticket!! We got the 11 x 14 size and it is just simply PERFECT!
Sorry that I don't have any pics of the canvas by itself so you can see the detail, etc. I mean, it only sat on my kitchen table for about 6 weeks before it was delivered to Liz so you can see where I might not have gotten any right?
Now, I'm off to find some of my favorite pictures of OUR kids to have Canvas Prints made! Gorgeous!!
Want your own? (I'm seriously thinking like a half a dozen of these on one wall!)
Take advantage of their GREAT specials going on now!


Anonymous said...

I love that you guys did this for her! The look on her face was perfect!

LutherLiz said...

LOL, I look all sweaty!

I seriously can't thank you enough. I love it and Mr. Goat does too. It is totally going in my new office!!

You and Trish rock!

Colette S said...

That is sweet gift and you do take beautiful photos!

trishatfox said...

Great post!
It turned out fabulously. Keep shooting those awesome photos. You've got the eye for it.

MollyinMinn said...

Okay you two, I cried reading this! Beautiful!

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