Friday, June 18, 2010

No - not our children - at least not all the time - This time, I'm talking The Saint Paul Saints!

We were the special guests of Metro Dentalcare at a St. Paul Saints game recently, and were able to enjoy a beautiful evening out taking in some outdoor baseball and great conversation with other area blogger friends (also Saints!) of ours! (Not to mention knocking another thing off the Gust Gab Summer Bucket List! YAY!)

Metro Dentalcare was on hand with a big wheel of prizes for all of the kiddos in attendance...Spinning the wheel got you a prize of a new toothbrush, kid's floss, one of the cool timers like they had previously sent us for their twice a day challenge, or toothpaste. Much to H's dismay - she got the toothpaste. Crest Kids toothpaste is just 'too spicy' for her - for now we have to stick to the flavored Oral B kids stuff -
D however, did get a cool new Lighning McQueen toothbrush! SCORE!

The kids enjoyed the evening out at Midway Stadium...

My Bloggie Friends & I -
Samara from Simplicity in the Suburbs
Molly from The Snyder Five
Jen from Grow with Graces
Missy AKA The Marketing Mama
& Liz ~ Random Thoughts of a Luthern Geek

Samara actually threw out the first pitch!

The game was almost over when we realized we were sitting below this giant billboard! Destiny?

And - We could barely believe it...but MEAT and his family were there too! Who is Meat you ask? Well, Meat is D's alien friend who comes around from time to time and takes D for rides in his space ship with his father...We've never actually seen Meat in real life - so it was pretty cool to see he and his family enjoying the ball game too!


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