Fire Muster Fun...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Despite a weekend jam packed with too many other things, we still managed to squeeze in a little family time and take advantage of the nice sunny weather at our local Fire Muster Parade...

(And though I had other committments, the hubs & kids took in the Fire Truck Parade again this year too!)
Adding to the fun was the fact that we got to take in the parade sitting with our good buddies!

Some brilliant ice cream truck driver pulled up in the parking lot across the street and sold ice cream bars by the dozens...what a yummy refreshing treat on a nice sunny day!

I could watch these kids interact all day...they have such fun!

And check this out - H was helping me blog tonight - and she says - 'Hey! Did Buddy get a little guy at the parade?' It took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about - 'he's holding a tootsie roll' I tell her - and then I see it - The *little guy* she's referring to! The picture was taken just so, so that it does look like he could be holding some sort of action figure - only it's really a real live person behind him! HA HA!

We were thinking that we wouldn't get a bunch of candy this year - so we didn't bring any buckets...but the parade did not disappoint (well, not our kids anyway - our dentist maybe!)

And even though the four big kids didn't share with sweet little G - who in less than a month won't be a baby anymore - she didn't seem to mind one bit! Still as happy as could be!

An enjoyable afternoon to be sure - and while walking back to our car, after saying good bye to our friends...H says "I think Joey wants to marry me!"
We can only hope sweet sweet girl...we can only hope!


Anonymous said...

We don't do the fire truck parade, but the Sunday one we do. Our softball association is in it each year. I Love Fire Muster!!

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