The (not-so) Great Minnesota Get Together

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well, it was the end of summer & everyone else was doing it...

So we figured why not - we could should do it too!

We typically like to hit the smaller, less crowded the Dakota County Fair ~ but we weren't able to make that work this year - so we decided to go along with the rest of the state of Minnesota. (And perhaps Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakotas too!)

Seriously you guys.
What. Were. We. Thinking?

Apparently, we weren't.
This shot was taken as we walked inched our way through the crowds...

From our local news:
State Fair Sets Third Attendance Record This Year
If you were at the Minnesota State Fair Saturday it is probably no surprise to you, that it was a record crowd.

The last Saturday of the State Fair is typically the busiest of the fair's ten day run, but this Saturday was busier than all others with 234, 075 people passing through the gates. That is 27,309 more than the same day last year, and 9,135 more than the previous record set in 1995.

Saturday was the third record setting day for attendance so far this year at the State Fair. The first two days of the 2010 Minnesota State Fair also saw record crowds.

Click this picture to enlarge...note to self...IF you are stupid enough to attempt this next year - go on Tuesday!

It wasn't ALL bad -

We had some fun on the Midway...

And this is about as close to eating a carmel apple as we came...
Actually, due to the extremely long lines & lack of personal space outside of .05 inches from your own body - our family of four shared 2 corn dogs, 1 order of fries & 1 root beer float.
Hardly worth going to the Great Minnesota Get Together if THAT is what you comsume!
It's not that we didn't WANT to eat one of everything - the lines were just too long.
And our bank account just to, um, short?
We did pony up the $3 per person to wander into the Butterfly Habitat...
I suppose a decent little add on were it not for the 100,000 other folks in there with us at the same time -

We made it as far as the Kidway...And D enjoyed a few rides...

And when we were out of time, patience, money...and tickets...
Big Sister decided she was finally ready to enjoy herself!
ACK! Lucky for us - we scraped together enough tickets ($5 worth! sheesh!) for her to enjoy this minute long adventure...

I know the Great Minnesota Get Together can be super fun - I actually really do love the State Fair - But I think next time I'll try and go with a few less friends ~ and a few more bucks in my pockets!


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